Troubleshoot “Account Notice” error message in Office 365

Simplifying professional, educational and personal needs, Microsoft Office 365 suit gives such advanced features that are being used globally. With a single subscription to a product, you get multiple services. Although you can face some problems while renewing the subscription, to resolve your query, you get sorted solutions. For subscribed users who see account Notice error can troubleshoot.

You notice the error when your product is not activated. As you launch any Office utility installed on your device, you see a highlighted yellow warning banner at the top of the Office app with the message of – “ACCOUNT NOTICE. We’ve run into a problem with your Office 365 subscription and need your help to fix it.”

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In most of the cases, this message is induced by a problem with your Office 365 subscription billing. For example, when you do the payment for subscription and the payment were declined due to an expired session or canceled a credit card, your subscription may become suspended or expired. No matter whether you have Office 365 for Home, Personal, or University, subscription, you need to keep it activated to avoid seeing the error or highlighted banner with an alert message.

Step 1: Keep your Office 365 subscription activated:

  1. Close all the running Office applications
  2. Visit and Login to your Office account
  3. From your profile, go to the Services & subscriptions page
  4. When directed, choose to review your subscription details under the Office 365 heading
    • If your Office 365 subscription has expired or is about to expire, you can renew it either by clicking on Renew Office 365 for home and by getting in touch with Office customer support for help
  5. After renewing your Office setup subscription, try restarting Word

Step 2: Keep the payment information is up-to-date

  1. End all the running task of Office Setup from your System
  2. Visit on an updated web browser
  3. When directed to the next page, select Sign in and Type in your Microsoft Office account email and password associated with your Office 365 subscription.
  4. Go to your Office profile > Payment options page
  5. If you encounter an error while opting a payment method, update it
  6. Once you update the payment information, restart Office setup

Executing the above steps and making all the required changes to your Office setup payment mode may fix the problem. If the error persists, try to deactivate the subscription and then reinstall your Office setup on your device. You can also get simple assistance via Office customer support to resolve any problem related to Microsoft Office 365.

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