Top 3 Subscription features for Office 365 on Mac

If you have recently purchased Office productivity suite then it’s good to have knowledge about the Office 365 and Office 2016 subscription and how it works.

Office 2016 is the new version of MS-Office productivity suite and applications includes in it are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other apps which can be only accessed through your PC or Mac. Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription to a suite of programs that includes Office 2016.

So, it’s upto you to decide whether you wanted to purchase – a standalone product or a part of Office 365 subscription.

If you have made up your mind and wished to purchase Office 365 subscription and you’re getting constant new features, security updates, and bug fixes. You need to look for the subscription features which are available for Mac if you have Office 365 subscriber with Office 2016 for Mac installed.

Note- If you have an Office 365 subscription for Mac but you‘re unable to see the features then the possibility is you have the wrong license activated on your Mac.

Some of the Office 365 subscription features along with the applications are-

  1. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)- safe links for MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint.
  • Office 365 ATP Safe links is a part of the security features which are offered as a part of Office 365 for enterprise organizations. It can help you to protect your organizations by providing time to time verification of web addresses (URLs) in the email messages and Office documents. The protection policies are defined by Office 365 security team.
  1. Schedule or delay the delivery of email for MS-Outlook.
  •  With the help of Office setup 365 subscriptions, you can now schedule or delay the email according to your priority and convenience.
  1. Color chooser for guides in MS-PowerPoint.
  •  For easily align objects on a slide in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, you can now snap the objects to vertical and horizontal guidelines that run through the slides.

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