September 24, 2018

Office Setup Product Key – Office Setup –

Microsoft Office suite is an essential need of every users whether a student or professional. The software is compatible on windows-based operating system, Macintosh devices, and androids as well, making it possible to work remotely. With different version and product packages, users can select to use suite as per their need. In addition, the organization gives flexibility to migrate from one product to another.

Whether you want to switch to another product or start off using any version, you need to have a licensed product. To get a license, you need to have a subscription. In case you use unlicensed or expired product, you may come up with facing issues.

What If you do not activate your subscription?

If you have a purchased version of any of the Office product, consider Office 365 for small business, you will need to keep the subscription active in order to access your account and all the other features. However, desktop version of as well as the free online office can work good, but if you have saved files on cloud storage on your account that has subscription, you might not be about to access them.

After the subscription expires, the app will ask you to enter your Office product key and payment details. You can access all the stored data as soon as you renew the subscription. In case, you have not purchased a subscription before, you can purchase one depending on your requirement.

Need to activate Microsoft Office? Get your Office setup product key

To determine if you Office suite are running actively or not, you just need to launch any random utility and if you see a highlighted banner on the top of the page, you will require purchasing subscription or renewing activation. You need to visit in purchase your key or to activate the product.

In case you do not have an Office setup product key, refer to the instructions below.

Do the following to purchase Office setup product key

  1. Go to the official Microsoft Office 365 page and login to your account/ create an account
  2. Explore the product menu and select the option you want to purchase or know about
  3. Click on ‘Buy and download/ Buy now’
  4. Provide the details and complete the billing process
  5. Once done, you will receive an email containing Product key on your registered email address

Keep the mail or the information in it, secure. You will need the key code while the times of activation, renewal, and subscription. After you get the product key, you can proceed to install and activate your subscription.

How do you set up Office suite?

  1. After purchasing, you will have the ‘Download’ button, click on it to get the software
  2. Now, open the file you downloaded and click Office setup to install
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the installation

Do not suspend the ongoing installation process to avoid error. In case you do so or anything happens abruptly, you may face some of the errors as mentioned below.

 Error with MS Office setup

  • Error message – Microsoft office encountered an error during setup
  • Microsoft office setup 2016 (or any) encountered an error during setup bootstrap
  • Microsoft office installation error browse for folder
  • Office compatibility error
  • Unable to update Office suite
  • MS Office activation error
  • Error message- Unable to uninstall Office 2016 (any other version)

Having trouble? Get it fixed!

In case of these error or any related with MS Office regardless of its version, you can fix it by connecting with the official Office setup customer support. Else, you can submit your query or error at under the support section. Also, if you are facing trouble while activating your Office product, subscribing, or renewing the product, you can get assistance to fix any.