How to regulate outgoing email in Microsoft Outlook?

After you finish filling up your compose mail in MS-Outlook, you go for pressing ‘Send’ button. An email gets delivered immediately. Later, you come across with your mistakes, now you regret your action of sending it, immediately.

There are some of the few reasons, why you shouldn’t send emails immediately from MS-Outlook-

  • Before sending any emails from Microsoft Office Outlook, review once to check your mail content.
  • Sometimes, in a heated conversation, it is good not to reply quickly. Take your time, cool down. No one once to send any angry messages at all.

If you are looking for some solutions to control and decide when a particular message will be sent or go for scheduling the messages and delay its sending. The tips will work for the Office setup Outlook 2016 (desktop) on Windows 10 (64-bit) system and for the earlier versions too. But the route to the options may turn out to be completely different.

Please note- The user needs to visit the link to download Microsoft Outlook with the help of the product key.

Check out the tips as listed below to have a quick solution to your issues-

  • Disabling the default one.

As it has been discussed earlier, Microsoft Office Outlook sends email, immediately. You can try disabling this feature, before proceeding further:

  1. Select the ‘File’ tab.
  2. Choose ‘Options’ followed by ‘Advanced’ in the left panel.
  3. In the ‘Send and Receive’ section, select ‘Send/ Receive’ option or press Ctrl +Alt+ S from the keyboard.
  4. In the resulting dialog box, uncheck the three options, under ‘Settings’ option for Group ‘All Accounts’. You can go for selecting the individual groups if they exist.
  5. Select the option ‘Close’ followed by ‘Ok’.
  • The options may seem quite explanatory but are quite helpful. The first option (Include this group in send/receive (F9)) and the third option (Perform an automatic send/receive when exiting) permit you to customize the send task.

If you wish to continue with the F9 to send the messages they don’t uncheck the first option. Rather, uncheck the third option, if you don’t want to send messages while exiting Office setup Outlook.  To disable the automated send tasks, uncheck the second option.

  • Microsoft Office Outlook by default may include all accounts in the ‘All Accounts’ group and you don’t encounter individual accounts listed. If you wish to remove any accounts from the group then select ‘Edit’ button.

This action will allow you to leave the automated default setting completely only for those accounts that are in the group.

Please note- Any account which you choose to remove will be required to go for manual process. Then only one can go for creating new groups and change the option as required.

  • You may come across that you’re still receiving emails. You may not be able to control your server, the bitter truth. If you’re unable to control where the emails are going until and unless you download it then probably you need to stay with the disparity.
  • With the option of disabling the features, choose ‘Send or Receive’ group on the ‘Send/Receive’ tab to control the outgoing messages. If you wish to control then check the drop-down option from the ‘Send or Receive’ groups. With these options, one can send mail for more than one account.
  • The single message gets delayed.

Disabling the automated feature or delaying all messages may harm you. But if you choose a single message to delay then the process will be easy and flexible. Check out the steps to delay a single message-

  1. In the new message window, select the ‘Options’ tab.
  2. Click on the option ‘Delay Delivery’ in the ‘More Options’ group.
  3. On the ‘Delivery’ Options sections schedule the date and time to send emails in Office setup
  4. If you changed your mind and decided to send the messages before the scheduled time then simply uncheck the ‘Don’t deliver before option’.


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