How to prevent Sharing of OneDrive Files & Folders

Microsoft Office is the Office Productivity suite having the collection of various desktop applications (like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Access), web services (like Delve,, and OneDrive), server applications (like Skype for Business), and mobile applications (like Office Lens and Office Remote). The Office Productivity developed by Microsoft supports the devices based on different platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

The inclusion of the Microsoft OneDrive to the Office Setup versions had given the biggest relief to the users. As the Office Setup users could store their files and folders over the hosted service like OneDrive to access these by sitting at any corner of the world. Apart from this, the users could also share the files with other users by giving the sharing permissions to them.


Sometimes the users need to prevent the other users from sharing the OneDrive files & folders. Thus, the simplest procedure for changing the sharing permissions to stop sharing of OneDrive files have been mention in the below-mentioned information.

Steps for preventing the Sharing of OneDrive files and folders:

By following the steps of changing the sharing permissions mentioned below, the Office Setup users may prevent the other from sharing the OneDrive files and folders, easily:

  1. First and foremost, launch the OneDrive application included within the Office Setup being installed to the device.
  2. And then, log in to the OneDrive using the email address and password associated with the Office MyAccount.
  3. After signing in to the OneDrive, select all the files or folders for which the user want to prevent from being shared with other users.
  4. And then, move to the details section by selecting the “Information” icon, displayed at the upper rightmost corner of the main window.
  5. Now, click the “Manage Access” option.

(Important Note: If the Office Setup users are not able to locate the “option on their OneDrive application then, they may refer contact us section of the link:

  1. And then, select the link that the users wish to edit. Thus, the users will be directed to the “Edit link page”. Here, do any one of the following steps to change the sharing permissions:
  • Tap the “Remove Link”, for deleting the link and prevent from being shared.
  • Mark the “Set Password” checkbox and then, either change it or clear for removing the password.
  • Either clear off or update the link expiration date, by marking the “Set Link Expiration” checkbox.

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