OneDrive – A Powerful asset of Microsoft Office 365

OneDrive is a live file hosting service featured by Microsoft Office 365 as part of its Office Online suite. It enables users to save files and other personal data like media, Windows settings or BitLocker recovery passwords in the cloud storage. You also have the freedom to purchase additional space in case of the need. One of the major tasks of OneDrive is when configured with your computer and mobile phone, the application synchronizes the data and stores it automatically. One can access all the data saved on OneDrive storage via supported mobile phones, tabs, and computers.

Microsoft Office 365

After following up the procedure of getting an activate Office setup on your device, you can install OneDrive on your phone as well. Regardless of the place and time, you can work or access on any of the files.

However, users can only access the data when they have an account on Premium users have more advantages, some of the key points are mentioned below.

What are the major benefits of OneDrive?

  • Easily accessible – Access files from various devices whether it is an Android phone, tablet, or computer. You can continue to work on a file or to make real-time changes
  • Offline access – With this, you can stay productive with smart tools even when you are off the network. You can work on files without going online so when there is a week or no network, you can still carry on with your ongoing work.
  • Share and collaborate – Share the access of files, folders, and media to friends and family. No further massive email attachments, just forward a link via email, text, or other ways
  • Auto safe feature – With this feature, there is no need of saving the file whenever you make a change. This intelligent attribute autosaves every single modification you make in a file.

With many oth smart features, you can take the advantage of working on this product of Office 365 while making sure you have an active account on

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