July 3, 2018

Download and Install Office setup 2007 – Microsoft Office 2007 Setup

office setup 2007

Regardless of being an older version of Office product, MS Office 2007 is still being used by numbers of users across countries. To provide better services to the existing users, the organization develops the updates of Office 2007 for improved experience. Moreover, users can also try out a free trial version, which has a validity of 30 days. Once you exceed the validity period, you will need to activate the product.

For new users who wish to uses the product may download and install the product first. To download the software, make sure your computer has an internet connection. Also, keep the browser updated to avoid any kind of stoppage. Please note that the steps might vary slightly depending on the operating systems and the browser you use.

How to download Office 2007?

  • Online method:

Open a web browser, go to office.com/setup and create an account to get a genuine version of Office setup.  If you are an existing user, simply login using the associated credentials to purchase Office 2007 and you will receive a unique Office setup product key. Click download after purchasing the product.

  • Offline method:

Use the package that you purchased from a retail shop, take out the CD/DVD, and read the instructions. If you only have the product key on the retailcard, you need to create an account on office.com/setup or existing uses may log in directly. Enter the product key when asked and download Office 2007 on your computer.

If you have revived a disk with the retailcard, you simply need to install the product on your computer. To know about the installation process, find the steps below.

How to install Office setup?

  1. Click on the file you recently download from office.com/myaccount
  2. As the Office 2007 setup launches for the installation process, select a location where you want to store the file
    • The setup selects default location (C Drive), if you want to keep the folder in a temporary, you can change accordingly.
  3. Perform the instructions as displayed on the screen
  4. Enter the product key when asked and continue
  5. If you have a CD/DVD, insert in the disk space and once it is loaded, double-click on the detected drive in My Computer folder
  6. Follow the prompts and install the product

Wait until the installation completes and the installation dialogue box will close automatically. Do not interrupt the process while undergoing. Restart your PC and launch a random Office 2007 utility on the screen. Skip steps if you have pre-installed Office setup 2007.

After launching an application, if you notice an alert banner witch a reactivate/ activate button on the top of the application (such as Office Word 2007), follow the instruction as mentioned below to activate the product.

How to Activate Office setup?

  1. Launch an Office application (Office excel 2007)
  2. Click on the banner or activate button to proceed
    • This will redirect to the web page
  3. On office.com/setup, login to your MS Office my account
  4. Enter the product key you received during the purchase
  5. Follow prompts and complete the activation

Office setup 2007 has been activated now. Launch a utility and confirm you are still noticing an alert message. In case of an error, you may connect with Office setup customer support for help.