Office 365 new update: Blocks Flash, Shockwave, and Silverlight content in 2019

Recently, Microsoft has decided to block Flash on the certain types of the content. As per the survey, Flash usages have to drop down during the past couple of years and it has reached the market share of 5% as compared to 28.5% in the year 2011.

According to the Microsoft Company, this block would be applied to Office setup 365 subscribers and Office 2016 and Office 2013 and Office 2010 distributions aren’t included in this action.

 Microsoft Company is disabling the flawed controls with the option to click on the button in order to view its content and the block is full-on. The block means that Office  setup 365 will prevent them from the Flash, Shockwave, and Silverlight material from playing inside an Office document for good.

Microsoft’s modification is scheduled to commence from January 2019 and the timeline is the one below:

  • With the commencing of June 2018, the controls will be blocked in Office com setup 365 monthly channels.
  • With the commencing of September 2018, the controls will be blocked in Office setup 365 Semi-Annual Targeted (SAT) channel.
  • With the commencing of January 2018, the controls will be blocked in Office com setup 365 Semi-Annual (SA) channel.

There is something worth interesting and the users must know that only content that’s embedded with the ‘Insert Object’ feature will be blocked and that not all the content embedded via. “Inert Online video” (This embeds the content via an Internet Explorer browser frame).

Microsoft further says that the reason behind this decision includes the fact that cybercriminals have ill-used this decision for the exploitation campaigns. And the other reason is that Office users aren’t dependent on Adobe Flash.

Another important thing to remember, Adobe had announced Flash’s end of life by 2020. And the MS support for Silverlight is ended back in 2016. The final date for ending support for enterprise customers in 2021.

Microsoft Company has thus published a support page to help the customers who need to embed or view the Silverlight or Flash-based content in Office setup 365. The page contains the guidance on to how to re-enable Silverlight, Flash, and Shockwave controls.


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