November 28, 2018

How to Install Office 2016 | | install 2016 office

office 2016 install

Microsoft Office software is unarguably the best productivity suite available in the market today. The software has brought out many versions from time to time – the latest one being the Office 2016, which can be downloaded from

How to Install Office 2016

The  Office 2016 install process is quite easy, using a few steps. You can know how to install Office 2016 here as we will tell you the steps in detail. But, let’s start with reading some advantages before proceeding with the installation steps.

  1. You can now do real-time collaboration or co-authoring.

Many rival productivity suites in the market have always enjoyed popularity because they have had this feature for a while but Microsoft never had it. However, in the Office 2016 (download from, this feature has finally been introduced. That feature is explained as being able to do real-time collaboration or co-authoring in Office apps. It enables more than one user to work on a document or presentation simultaneously, even when they are using different devices or operating systems. In MS Word, you can now see where others are currently editing the document, in real-time.

  1. Emailing with better efficiency.

Another reason to install Office 2016 is the Clutter feature in Outlook 2016. This feature separates important emails from unimportant emails, enabling you to focus more easily. The Clutter folder is also self-learning, which means that, over time, it starts noticing your pattern of which messages you move out of Clutter back to your Inbox and which emails you delete from the Inbox without even opening.

  1. Smart Lookup of words and phrases.

There is a new context menu option that appears after the Office 2016 install completes – Smart Lookup. This option gives you easy access to a range of information about any word or phrase. It provides more comprehensive details about the highlighted word or phrase. You also get Wikipedia entries related to the selected word or phrase.

Now, let’s finally get to the steps to install Office 2016:

  1. Open Sign in to your Microsoft account. If don’t have a Microsoft account, sign up.
  2. On Services and subscriptions, find Office 2016, and select Install.
  3. Select the correct tab for the version you want to install. Now, follow further prompts.
  4. When the Office 2016 install setup downloads, double-click or right click on it to select Run. This will initiate the installation.
  5. Once Office suite is installed, a phrase will appear, “You’re all set! Office is installed now.”

The Office 2016 installed in your PC will be a trial version for 30 days and will include basic Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. After the trial expires, you could continue using Office 2016 only by purchasing an Office setup product key. To activate product key for your Office 2016 suite, you can simply start using any of the installed Office apps. Once you open an app, you will get activation prompt. This will initiate the activation process as several prompts will be followed, and, finally, the prompt to enter activation key will appear.