December 6, 2018

Office 2016 download | | Download office 2016

office 2016 download :- Get simple instructions and steps to download Office 2016. Use an Office setup product key to enjoy benefits of the productivity suite!

office 2016 download

Microsoft is unarguably a giant technology brand today. Its products and suites have always provided ease to its users, along with reliability. One such suite, Microsoft Office, has been ruling computers around the world. Several versions have arrived and stayed for long times and served the loyal users. One of the best versions of MS Office is the Office 2016, which can be downloaded on

Once you download  Office 2016, you can install it by following some simple steps. To office 2016 download, look at the below steps:

  1. Go to Office 2016 download
  2. Download the Office 2016 setup on
  3. Once the setup downloads, run it as administrator.
  4. Follow installation prompts to get your Microsoft Office 2016

Features of MS Office 2016

The MS Office 2016 comes with a plethora of feature to enhance your productivity. The design interface is made more familiar so that users spend less time on managing the functionality of the suite. Your Microsoft Office 2016 will be usable for free for a trial period, post which you can only view files on the Office apps. To continue using the full version of your Office 2016, you will need to purchase a product key to do so.

The Office setup product key can be purchased in two ways: offline and online. In the offline mode, you can purchase the key from any authorized retail shop – either at the nearest store or on any eCommerce website. In the online mode, the key can be purchased and entered at the same time by opening any of the Office 2016 apps on your PC.

To activate MS Office setup product key, follow below steps:

  1. Open
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, click on ‘Create a new account’.
  3. A prompt to enter product key will appear. Enter your Microsoft Office 2016 product key.
  4. Your premium Office 2016 will initiate immediately.

Some exclusive features that you will get in Office 2016 after entering the product key are:

  1. Additional ribbon buttons in Outlook
  2. Enhanced collaboration in the Word and PowerPoint apps
  3. The Mentions feature in MS Outlook
  4. New, improved Excel connection options
  5. MS Publish to from Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  6. MS Publish to Power BI for transforming data into interactive reports
  7. Researcher tool from the toolbar in MS Word
  8. New feature suggestion option in MS Outlook
  9. Text highlighter in MS PowerPoint
  10. Summary zoom, Slide zoom and Section zoom feature in MS PowerPoint

With each version of Office Microsoft strives to reach a notch higher in terms of better interface, speed, functions, and reliability.

Although Office 2016 has worked perfectly so far, there have been some errors associated with it too. You can always contact on the Microsoft support number or Office support chat for any issues or queries. The specialized teams at Microsoft are handpicked to serve the best of solutions to Microsoft customers in the least possible timelines.