New Features Added to Outlook for Windows and Online

Microsoft, the tech giant has recently disclosed a suite of modifications to its Outlook email client. With the motive to bring more convenience and ease of use, the changes have been applied to both the webmail service and the Office applications. Available as a part of MS Office suite, Outlook application will soon be loaded with a specialized feature to deliver a smooth and streamlined Ribbon interface. So if are using Outlook for Windows and the cluttered Ribbon bar is bothering you by hiding the useful features and tools then this piece of news will surely bring a smile on your face.Outlook

Furthermore, the Folder pane has also been rearranged to make it easily accessible. In short, you will now be able to organize your inboxes and read the new messages easily. The reading pane has also been enlarged with big titles and small headers. Apart from this, you can also respond to emails without putting much effort.

Outlook Calendar has also been revamped to make it simpler to add attendees to a meeting you have scheduled. You will also be able to verify the availability of meeting space in your company.

Changes to webmail service

Microsoft has also made web improvement by bringing in the all-new search box, which automatically highlights people you interact regularly. The new feature added to the Outlook webmail is you can find a file (available as an email attachment) without making a thorough search of your inbox. It has also been added with “Smart Replies” feature, which will suggest you few responses to the emails based on the content available in the email. You will be able to send the response in a single click.

Outlook’s Calendar feature has also got noticeable improvements such as helping its users to know meeting room availability and other required info. You will see some new icons which will help you find new info about the upcoming events. For more information on Outlook and the downloading the office setup from, stay tuned!

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