How to use Microsoft Office on Smartphones?

Microsoft Company has recently come up with many new upgradations in Office 365 for Windows PC as well as Mac. But on the other hand, they have been criticized recently for being so late in the game, for not offering MS-Office for the iPad and Smartphones. But the truth is the little bit different than the allegations, Microsoft has made different versions of Office for the Smartphones both for Android as well as iPhone but they aren’t the full versions of Office.

Microsoft office on smartphone

Office Mobile, Office setup 365, and Office Online and each of them have different features as well as payment structures.  And there are different versions of MS-Office for the different versions of MS-Windows.

Check out the steps for using MS-Office on the Smartphones, you’re using are as listed below –

  • For Windows Phone

It comes along with the free version of MS-Office known as Office Mobile. Unlike, its other competitors in the market, Windows Phone comes with free to use and doesn’t require any Office 365 subscription.

It is designed keeping in mind the use of viewing and editing, the Office documents and not to function as the complete productivity solution.

  •        For iPhone and Android Phone

Microsoft Company is now providing MS-Office apps for iPhone and Android which they can install from their resp. App Store or Google Play. Office setup 365 is Microsoft’s subscription service for Microsoft Office.

For downloading the latest desktop version of Office for your Windows PC and Mac, you need to pay $100 per year and you get an additional OneDrive storage space. These Office apps let you create and edit the documents that are stored in the OneDrive. Once you purchased the Office apps for PC and Mac, it’s a lifetime asset.

Please note– For launching any purchased MS-Office app for Windows PC and Mac, you need to visit link. Office apps for Smartphones are just the simple Smartphone apps which mean they are nowhere to full versions of MS-Office.

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