Microsoft notify new Outlook features for different platforms

On 30th April 2018, Microsoft notifies about the several new features for Outlook on different platforms like Windows, Mac, web, and mobile. Some of the other new features include Bill Pay reminders, recommended event locations and meeting rooms, the capability to sync draft folders and proxy support in mobile, and many more. Check out about them here-


    Outlook on Desktop (Windows and Web)

  •  New Bill pay reminders

This will help the user in automatically tracking the bill payments as events. It will work just like travel reservations and package delivery information that can be found in Outlook with a summary card, as well as bill payments, will be displayed at the top of the email.

Outlook will easily identify the bills once the user receives in the email, display a summary at the top, and on the due date, it will automatically add a calendar event. The user even will get an email reminder two days before the due date to help in paying the bills on time.

  • Suggestions for meeting location

MS-Outlook will now be offering suggestions for the user’s meeting location that includes recently used (and available) conference rooms and the other common locations such as ‘my Office’.

Outlook suggestion options will be based on Bing, once the user starting typing in the location field, which will autocomplete the necessary information with the meeting locations. And for the public locations, the location feature in Outlook adds the full address to the user’s Outlook calendar event.

  • Track responses and RSVPs for the meetings

MS-Outlook let you track the responses and RSVPs for the meetings, even for the one the user didn’t organize. With this knowledge, the invited attendees can go for managing the time and decide whether they should attend the meetings based on the plans of others.

  • Prevent the forwarding of the calendar invitation

Outlook provides you with an option to allow or prevent the forwarding of the user calendar invitation. The user needs to click on ‘New meeting’ options under the response options, followed by ‘Check or uncheck allow forwarding’ option.

  • Tracking of RSVPs for meetings

MS-Outlook has altered the tracking of RSVPs for the meetings with a large number of attendee lists or big meetings. If the user used a distribution list to reach out to 500 recipients then the Outlook will track the responses for everyone.

The users of 500 maximum can go for updating the details for the big meetings at any moment if the changes required outside the Office 365 email and calendar.

  • Multiple Time zone support

MS-Outlook now lets you define the different time zones through start and end times, through appointments and meetings. This set up a travel event for the user’s destination -departure in the one- time zone and the arrival for the local time zone. Additionally, on the main calendar grid, the users are showing multiple time zones in MS-Outlook.

  • Bcc warning

The users can be blind copied on the email message and wanted to respond. In case, the users didn’t notice the subtle address, MS-Outlook protects, if the user replies to the message then it will alert them about the blind copied. It also lets the user choose a particular sender to reply and not just several participants.

    Outlook for iOS

  •  Personalize the suggested locations

MS-Outlook has the locations and context-aware approach to personalize the suggested locations while creating a calendar event on the user’s mobile device. Recommendations are made on machine learning models that consider the user’s location, the list of attendees, the suggested meeting time of the day, and other elements of the meeting.

If the user needs a conference room, Outlook will display the room availability of organization which will let you pick the best option for the meeting. Reserving a meeting room from the mobile device will be easier and faster as soon as it gets to know your choice.

The other features are-

  • Organization directory to the user’s Outlook contact information.
  • SOCKS proxies are available for Android devices too.

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