Microsoft introduces new measures on OneDrive and Office 365 customers

On 5th April 2018, Microsoft Corporation has to fetch changes on OneDrive cloud storage service as well as on Office 365 that aimed at providing customers with full protection from the cybercrime.

This change has come along with a new file recovery capacity that enables the user to recover their past files, something around 30 days back in the event of a ransomware attack.

The new update on Office setup may sound simple but they are packed up with new security tool that helps to detect the ransomware attacks and through the process of recovery, escort the users, to fight with the ransomware, accordingly. They even identify the time and the date of the very attack and restore OneDrive and Office 365 files to the state prior to the attack.


Additional protection is been allotted in relation to sharing and reading files through and share on OneDrive that includes the options of new encryption. Now is offering its users with the ability to apply encryption on email to non-Microsoft users like the Microsoft is offering the mail recipients to access an encrypted Outlook email, the users will receive one-time password.

An additional security has been provided for the links shared in OneDrive with the extension of password requirement. Now the users can very easily set and require a password to access the shared file or folder. Microsoft has recently released the statement that through this process it will forbid others from accessing files if they have accidentally forwarded or shared the link.

This interesting change has given away the possibility of forbids the well –established practices of, that the users can limit the email recipients from further forwarding or be copying emails, that is sent to them through To add an extra protection on file, now MS-Office users’ documents attached in the emails will be encrypted. That means that the documents which are forwarded, can’t be read.

At last the huge software provider is providing the link protection in MS-Office files. With this change, the link in Office setup -MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be displayed in real time to check if the destination website contains the malicious stuff or not. The link will get blocked if it matches.

Corporate Vice President for Office, Kirk Koenigsbauer said in a recent interview that with the increase in growth and culture of online threats like the viruses, ransomware and phishing scams, it became important to have correct protection and tools, which will help to protect the devices, personal information, and the files from being hacked

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