Microsoft has came up with the latest changes on Office 365 Pro Plus

On 27th April 2018, Microsoft Company has published a preview update to the Office customization tool for Click-to-run, which gives the desktop admins with the simple user interface to customize their distribution of MS-Office.

As per with the latest update, the user can now go for customizing Office setup app settings as a part of your configuration file, which in actual means to go for building a single configuration file that installs Office setup along with configures the particular preferences for MS-Office app. The user can search for Office app settings based on MS-Office app, category, and the title to quickly find the settings as per their choice or preferences.

Office 365 pro plus

For this particular preview release, the Office has provided a very limited set of MS-Office app settings to select from. And later this summer, they instead plan to include a full set of an Office app setting.

Ever since Microsoft has introduced the MS-Office customization tool for click-to-run, they have made few other changes to preview the experiences so far. They have made an update on add organization name as a setting which includes a part of the distribution configuration, on the language selection, and to accept the EULA option, automatically.

In the next Microsoft update, they have planned to add more additional enhancement that includes- an update on the product selection experience that allows the users to have more control over the products, they have selected so far and the apps that exclude an updation to the language selection experience that includes support for Match OS, AllowCdnFallback, Proofing Tools, and many more.

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