Microsoft gave the commitment to protect everyone through GDPR complaint policies

On 21st May 2018, Microsoft gave the commitment to its users worldwide that the same data and the privacy rights will be available to all the Europeans under the new regulation. Unlike its other competitors in the market who has put the restriction on the privacy protections that 2 will change for Americans and other non-Europeans.

Microsoft is providing the flexibility to see the information the company gathers from you and according to that you can rectify or delete them. You can oppose the use of the data for marketing and the other purposes. This can be done either by using online tools or contacting the company directly.

From 25th May 2018, the new Europeans rule known as the General Data Protection Regulation was put into action. Bu the US tech companies haven’t considered them outside the European Union. For example – Facebook who has once promised to offer the same privacy settings that control worldwide but they couldn’t able to stick to their words of promising European style rights

On 21st May 2018, Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel, Julie Brill in a blog post said that Microsoft Company is expecting the new regulation as established vital principles that are important worldwide.

As the Microsoft Company confides less on the advertising revenue as Facebook and Google, Microsoft can provide more options to the users on the data use.

On 21st May 2018, Microsoft has updated on the privacy policy which makes it easier to grab and includes more other details. In the way, it has spelled out about the additional sources of the third party data which Microsoft got. It includes the outside developers that create apps and other experiences for Microsoft’s Cortana- voice assistant.

The latest EU rules have mentioned companies, no matter large and small to update their privacy policies and the service terms to apply.


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