Microsoft Advertise its Office 365 through Window 10 Mail application

Now-a-days, a lot of notifications have been displayed to the users of Google Chrome regarding how the system’s battery is being consumed by the web browser. As the result of the occurrence of this sort of notifications on the device, most of the users prefer to switch to the Microsoft Edge.

The Microsoft’s approach of promoting the services in the Windows 10 is never liked by its users. The reason behind this dislike by the users is that the Windows 10 promotes the apps within its start menu from the Microsoft Store. Apart from this, the ads related to the browser extensions of Microsoft for Chrome can also be found by the users.

Microsoft had even started to advertise the Office Setup 365 within the default mailing application of the Windows 10. The complaints regarding the significant changes made by Microsoft to the latest update of the mailing application of the Windows 10 have been submitted by many of its users on the Reddit, a social news website.

office 365

The advertisements of the Office 365 are displayed on the right side of the mailing application, only when the left panel of application had not been collapsed. When the advertisement has been displayed on the screen, a box is seemed having the message as shown below:

                                                                                 “Get Office 365”

And for a moment, the users get stuck as they could find the way to turn-off the occurrence of such advertisements on the application.

On the other hand, the advertisements of the Office 365 are not displayed to the entire users who had updated their mailing application to the latest one. The Office Setup 365 advertisements are shown only to the users utilizing the accounts on or, but not to ones using the Gmail or other email accounts.

The Controversies related to the Office 365 advertisements:

The approach of the tech giant, Microsoft to advertise the Office Setup 365 on the mailing app of the Windows 10 had lead to addition of controversies regarding the fact whether the company should advertise its services or products through Windows 10 or not.

Now, the company had designed a new feature that would force the email users to open the links within the Microsoft Edge instead of opening them to the default browser.

Even the different users have different opinions about this approach of advertisements. Some of the users say that this approach of advertising is only to advertise their services or products and it is not a problem to them. While some users consider these advertisements as the concept of freeware.

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