Microsoft Acquired One Of The Leading Software Development Firms, Github!

As per the reports, Microsoft, the leading tech giant has reportedly acquired GitHub. However, the deal has not been announced yet by the company but it is confirmed that the company has agreed to take over GitHub. The news has been first reported by the Business Insider.

GitHub is a big development firm that gained popularity with developers and companies hosting their documentation, projects, and code. Even the companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, etc. are availing the services of GitHub. More than thousand employees of the Microsoft are actively pushing code to repositories on this leading software platform.

Even the original Windows File Manager source code is being hosted by the GitHub. The amount for which Microsoft has acquired GitHub is not cleared yet. The company has been continuously investing in open source technology since the new CEO, Satya Nadella has joined the company. The leading tech giant has open sourced Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Edge JavaScript Engine, and PowerShell.

Microsoft has also joined hands with Canonical to launch Ubuntu to Windows 10 and take over Xamarin to aid with mobile application development. The company is making the use of open source Git version control system for Windows development and has also launched SQL Server to Linux. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code that assists the developers to build and debug web as well as cloud applications, has gained popularity among the developers.

With the result of this acquisition, the users will get to see a strong and closer integration among the Microsoft’s developer tools and the services. As soon as Microsoft announces this acquisition, the developers won’t have to wait for getting a thorough idea of the Microsoft’s GitHub plans.

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