April 13, 2018

Install And Download Microsoft Office 365 | office 365 setup

Microsoft comes up with the new up gradation with every alternate year, according to the usages of users from home, personal to business, enterprise. Office 365 which comes under the umbrella of Office suite, a cloud- based subscription. With the new features, it offers its customers with monthly as well as yearly basics subscription. If you want to grab the new features of Office 365, you can purchase it anytime by visiting the Microsoft Office website.

Before you go for purchasing Office 365, you need to check on your resp. system, where you’re going to install it for use. You need to check further whether your system matches with the MS-Office 365 system requirements, as mentioned below-

  • Operating System-    
    1. Windows 10
    2. Windows 8.1
    3. Windows 8
    4. Windows 7 Service Pack 1
    5. Windows 10 Server
  • Browser –
    1. Safari
    2. Chrome
    3. Firefox
    4. Internet Explorer
    5. MS-Edge- latest version
  • Email Client Software-
    1. Office / Outlook 2016
    2. Office / Outlook 2013 with SP1
    3. Office / Outlook 2010 with SP 2
    4. Office for Mac 2016
  • Computer and Processor-
    1. 1 GHZ or faster x86 or 64-bit processor with SSE2
    2. 1 GHZ RAM (32-bit)
    3. Memory-
    4. 2GB RAM (64-bit) graphic features.
    5. Outlook Instant Search & certain advanced functionality.
  • Disk Space-
    1. 3 GB
  • Monitor Resolution-
    1. 1024 x 768
    2. Exchange ActiveSync must be supported for Office 365.
  • Mobile devices-
    1. BT Business Email Lite (powered by MS-Office 365) requires POP to be supported.
    2. Outlook web app on Smartphones and tablets. For better experiences, use the integrated
  • web browser –
    1. Windows 8 tablet
    2. iOS 6 or latest versions for iPad2

In case, you wish to use it on your new system or you sold out your old system. Then you simple need to uninstall the office 365 from the old system before selling or before putting it in your store-room. This un-installation is also required if you already have any other Office version installed on your device. Follow the below-mentioned steps for uninstalling the Office, carefully-

You need to uninstall the Office 365 from the Control Panel. Choose the versions you’re using from the box. < Select your operating system>

For Windows 10

  • Look for the left-hand side of the desktop, click on the Start button.
  • Then search for the Control Panel and click on it.
  • After that select Programs and features and right-click on the MS-Office product.
  • Choose Uninstall, to uninstall MS-Office 365 product from the system.

Please note –If you have installed MS-Office suit like Office Home and Student or you have subscribe for Office subscription, then simply search for the particular suite name, which you want to install.

If you have installed single Office app such as Word or Excel, then search for the application name, straightaway.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions, to go for successful uninstallation.
  1. For complete uninstallation Office 365 setup with the easy fix tool.
    • Select this easy fix button to completely uninstall Office <Download>
    • For how to save and use the easy fix tool, select the browser you’re using from the drop-down list. <Select your browser>
  2. To Uninstall Office 365, manually.

In case, your easy fix tool fails to completely uninstall Office 365 from your system. Then you can try for uninstallation, manually. Follow the steps given below, to do the same-

  • Choose the installation type of Office setup 365 and before that choose the operating system, you’re using. According to our installation type, choose any and go for uninstallation of Office 365
  • Click-to-Run – This is a new way to install and update Office 365 over the internet. By default, the latest version of Office setup, which includes Office 365 and the one-time purchases of Office 2016 products like Office Home & Student 2016, Office Home & Business)  are installed by it.
  • MSI- Also known as MS-Windows Installer. This is the traditional way of installing Office suite via a local installation resource.

For any information related to Office 365, kindly visit www.office.com/setup and login with your registered email ID and password.

If you wish to purchase and subscribe Office 365 to enjoy its latest features. You can purchase Office 365 via online as well as offline mode, by redeeming the Office setup product key.
For Online mode of purchasing Office 365 setup, you need visit Office.com/setup for purchasing the Office 365 product < Choose your plan> <Open the Office My Account page- Sign in / Sign up> < Check your registered email id or inbox in your registered phone number that contain the Office setup product key>
For Offline mode of purchasing Office setup 365, visit your nearby Office retail shop for purchasing the Office 365 product < The packet will contain the Office setup product key which you need to redeem while activation >

For downloading and installing the Office 365 in your system you need to follow these steps:-

  • Visit to Office.com/setup website to download and install the product in your system.
  •  Opening of the Office My Account page-
  • Choose Sign-in, if you’re already a member of Office 365.
  • Choose Sign-up, if you wish to be a new member of Office 365.
  • After you Sign-in into your Office account, enter your 25- digit Office product key. Fill it up carefully, to proceed to the next step

Please note- As mentioned above, the online purchaser needs to check on their registered email id or the registered phone number.
Offline purchaser needs to check either on the backside of Office 365 CD or in a card, inside the Office 365 product package.

  • Click on the Choose the language option for your convenient language, you’re comfortable.
  • You need to choose the device you’re using and download from the download link of your purchased product.
  • Now, press both the keys (Ctrl +J) altogether from the keyboard. Select the Office setup file which you downloaded just now.
  • Look for the file location and double-click on the Office installer icon, to install it and run the program.
  • Do read and agree on the Office 365 license- terms and conditions.
  • Select on Install button to install it for your system.
  •   Now wait for the system to done with installation.

Please note- The Office setup Product key will be used only once. If you have already used it, you can no more use it.
In case of any difficulty you’re facing, while downloading and installing the Office 365 setup then kindly visit www.office365.com to get help.While activating the Office 365 in your system, you need to open any of the Office setup products like Word, Excel.