How to export MS- Excel data to MS-Access?

MS-Office is a universal product offered by Microsoft to its users. It is the most demanding business software among the public. MS-Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint are aiding its users in the business development. Whether you want to analyze the data or want to give powerful presentation everything is superior. Sometimes, you may require export the data from MS-Excel to Access and if you also want to export then follow these three simple steps.

ms access

Method 1

Consider cleaning up the data before importing

  1. Separate columns that should have only one value for each
  2. Run the TRIM command to take out all the trailing, leading and embedded spaces
  3. Consider deleting the non-printing characters
  4. Check the punctuation and spell errors if there is any error then fix it right away
  5. Now delete duplicate rows and fields
  6. Please make sure columns of data should not be in a mixed format

Method 2

With the help of Table Analyzer Wizard normalizing the data has become so much easy otherwise it was so complex task.

Open the Table Analyzer Wizard

  1. Choose selected columns and then drag them to a new table and it will automatically create relationship
  2. For adding a primary key, renaming a table, making an existing column to the primary key, and undo the action use the button command

Method 3

Access data from MS-excel

After normalizing the data in MS-Access or creating a query or table that reconstructs the original data, it has now become so simple to export the data from MS- Excel to MS-Access. Your Access data can now be connected to the workbook through the data connection. Therefore, you can log in, locate, and access the external data source since it is stored in MS-Access.

For more information on how to export MS-Excel to MS-Access or how to download MS-office via, you can call the customer care.

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