How do I check my MS Office subscription status?

Microsoft provides the computer users an Office productivity suite, which is a one-stop destination to complete day-to-day tasks without any hassle. This can be made possible just by downloading either the trial version or the premium one from If you choose to go with the former, you can avail only the basic applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and a few more) and that too with limited features.

office subscription

However, if you buy a paid or premium version of Office (365, 2016, 2010 or any other version) for your Mac or Windows, you can enjoy all advanced features and functionalities. Trail version remains active for 30 days whereas the paid version’s activation period depends on the number of years for which you have purchased the subscription. To check your subscription details, especially the status, you have to go to and access your Office account. Here are the stepwise instructions to check your subscription status:

(Please note that the steps given here to check your subscription status are applicable for Office 365. To check the same for any other version, contact Office customer support team.)

  1. Quit all the MS Office applications that are ongoing on your computer system
  2. Now, visit the official website of Microsoft Office
  3. Visit Services & Subscription page
  4. Enter your Microsoft account login credentials
    1. Registered email ID
    2. Registered Password
    3. If you don’t remember your password, click Forget Password
    4. Choose from different password reset options
    5. Proceed according to the guidelines provided
  5. Click Sign In
  6. Now, go to Subscriptions or Cancelled Subscriptions
  7. You can now see the subscription details
  8. Go for renew your subscription, if your Office 365 subscription status shows expired
  9. Sign out

If you are trying to renew your Office account and it is showing any error related to Office setup downloading or more then contact the customer support team or visit support section on the official website of Microsoft.

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