Guide for Microsoft Office Publisher 2016

Microsoft Office Publisher 2016 is a graphic design application, an entry-level desktop publishing application from Microsoft. Sometimes it gets confused with MS-Word but it differs from the latter, as it focuses more on the page layout and design and less on the text composition and formatting or proofing.

2016 Publisher

For the small businesses, it allows cheap publishing options with a cheap price for creating the designs and logos as they can’t effort design professionals available in the market. For downloading the Office Publisher 2016, you need to visit and available for 1 user for PC. It is compatible with Windows 7 or the later versions, on any languages.

The Office product has a comparatively smaller share in the desktop publishing market and dominated by Adobe in Design and QuarkXPress. MS-Publisher has adopted the ribbons in Office 2010 and gave up the toolbars.

This product not only helps the users in the businesses but in the education by creating professional looking business cards and also flyers, brochures, newsletters, and posters.  The Publisher is included in the MS-Office Professionals and in site licenses, for the large enterprises, school boards, and higher educational institutions.

Here, this article learn about the Microsoft Office Publisher 2016.

You should use this Office product because –

  1. Reasonable

MS-Office Publisher is quite reasonable as compared with other desktop publishing programs. It is often included as a part of MS-Office install.

  1. Templates

This product of Office comes with the huge bundle of templates for flyers, posters, business cards, report covers, and other types of publications. The templates are made to give tenacious look across the different publications.

  1. Drag and drop the photos

MS-Publisher allows you to drag and drop the photos as well as build blocks with the publication to give a more professional outlook to the respective document.

  1. Easy to use Publisher

If you have used MS- Word or PowerPoint then Publisher will be an easy job for you. You will consider using it to make the design for report cover, flyer or invitation purposes.

  1. Email merger feature

Microsoft Publisher has email merger features for the users to generate mail merges or email publications to various clients’. And the documents will be formatted in HTML or PDF Files.

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