Facing issues with MS-Office Professional Plus 2016 setup? Read this.

MS-Office Professional Plus 2016 is a part of Office 365 Personal subscription which includes MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. It gets compatible with one Mac or PC.

MS-Office Professional Plus 2016


As every product after purchasing needs to be set up properly on the systems to made it function or work properly. Office Setup 2016 too needs to properly download, install, and activate. But according to the reports some users are facing issues like they are unable to install MS-Office Professional Plus and they have received error messages like –

‘MS-Office 2016 encountered an error during setup’

But the issue arises when the setup process gets complete and the exact reason for this error message to appear can’t be described. As per, most of the users have reported that they are facing it most while reinstalling Office pro plus 2016. Prediction is done may be due to some issues on the Task Scheduler.

Check out the steps as listed below to fix the issues-

1. Uninstall MS-Office program and remove evidence in Task Scheduler

It is recommended to uninstall the existing Office installation if the issue is arising from the leftover evidence of the previous Microsoft program which was installed.

To completely uninstall Office installation you need to download the ‘Fix it’ and run the ‘Uninstall Office setup 2016’ or you need to try Troubleshooter from Microsoft to complete the process for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

i. In the Windows search bar, enter ‘Task Scheduler’ and press ‘Enter’.
ii. Go to the ‘Task Scheduler Library’ followed by ‘Microsoft’, ‘Office’.
iii. Select the folder ‘Office’
iv. Click on the option ‘Delete’.
v. Restart the system.

Tips- Try to launch MS-Office this time by visiting Office.com/setup link. It will work this time.

2. Rename Microsoft Help Folder

If the above steps don’t work in favor of you then try to rename the ‘Microsoft Help Folder’.

i. Press (Win +R) to open the ‘Run’ window.
ii. Enter the command ‘%programdata%’
iii. The folder which opens up, try to rename the ‘Microsoft Help folder’ to ‘Microsoft Help.old’.
iv. Restart the system.

3. Remove the evidence from the Windows Registry

The chances are there that the above solutions will work by now but if they don’t. In such scenario, you can try the registry method to delete the leftover evidence of MS-Office, previous version on the system.

Note- It recommended to backup the data before trying any registry level fix.

i. Press Win + R from the keyboard to open the ‘Run’ window.
ii. Enter the command ‘regedit’.
iii. Press ‘Enter’ to open the Registry Editor.
iv. Search the following registry key:


v. Click on the Office registry key and press ‘Delete’.

Tips– This will delete the leftover traces of MS-Office on the system.

vi. Prompt for the confirmation of the process and click on the option ‘Yes’.

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