Facing error while opening the presentation in MS-PowerPoint?

Are you facing error while opening the presentation in MS-PowerPoint? If yes, then it may occur because the file has been damaged or corrupted and PowerPoint finds it unreadable content. You can fix the issue and you just need to open the PowerPoint presentation in an earlier version for example- you are trying to open the PowerPoint in 2007 but unable to open it then try to open the same in 2003.


It may help you to overcome the error and you might be able to open the presentation in the older version. If you are able to open the presentation in 2003 then insert all your slides from the damaged presentation to a new presentation.

Steps to open the PowerPoint from the old presentation to a new presentation:

Note: These steps are applicable in PowerPoint 2002 and PowerPoint 2003 that you downloaded separately or with an Office package from office.com/setup.

  1. Open the damaged or previous presentation in the later version and go to the “Symptoms” section
  2. Select “Insert,” and now choose “Slides from files”
  3. Hit “Browse” in slide finder on the “Find Presentation” tab
  4. Locate the damaged PowerPoint presentation
  5. Click the damaged PowerPoint presentation
  6. Choose “Open”
  7. Choose “Insert All”

You can also get the previous designs from the damaged presentation by applying that particular design and follow the menu path.

  1. Go to the “Format”
  2. And then “Slide Design”
  3. Now select the design from the “Slide Design” menu

For PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010

  1. In the “Slides” group, go to the “Home” tab and then select “New Slide”
  2. Select “Reuse Slides” and then select “Open a PowerPoint File”
  3. Spot and select the damaged presentation file that has slides in the “Browse” dialogue box and then “Open”

For more information on how to open the damaged presentation in MS-PowerPoint or how to download Office setup from the official website of Microsoft, you can call the customer support phone number.

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