November 14, 2018

Download office setup on Mac | | Office setup download

If you want to download office setup and you have a valid license or product key of Microsoft Office then enter your product key to continue with Office setup download

Microsoft Office setup download is essential for users who like to work on the desktop version of productivity suite. The procedure to download Office setup of different product versions will be the same, so whether you want to download Office setup version 2013, 2016, or any old/ new version, the information below will help you to proceed with Office setup download.

You can purchase an Office setup license either by creating a Microsoft Office setup 365 account or by purchasing a hard drive containing CD/ DVD and Office setup product key. To download Office setup online, create your Microsoft Office 365 account and from the product section, get a subscription to get your product key.

If you have a hard disk for Office setup download, you will have the product key. Before you start to download Office setup on Mac, keep your MS Office setup product key ready to install licensed version.

Please note that the instructions below are applicable for Mac 2011 computer and might not be the same.

Office setup download steps for Mac

Download Office setup Online –

  1. Login to your Office 365 account or if you are not a registered user, create a new account via
  2. Enter your product key to continue with Office setup download
  3. Go to your profile and you will see an option of offline installer
  4. Click Download Office setup option and the file will begin to download on your computer
  5. Open the downloaded file and run Office setup to install the software
  6. Allow permission if asked and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation

Download Office setup via CD/ DVD –

  1. Insert your Office setup hard disk in the disk space and wait as the installation dialogue box appears
  2. Click ‘Open Drive’
  3. If the pop-up window does not appear, open windows explorer (press Windows button + E keys together)
  4. Open the newly appeared disk drive
  5. Open Office setup download option and run the installation setup
  • If the installation setup requires permission, allow and continue
  1. Enter the product key and complete the on-screen prompts

Wait until the installation completes and restart your Mac device once the installation is done. If you encounter any error during Office setup Download, go to the site and get help.