Apple’s iTunes finally made its way to the Microsoft Store

In 2017, Microsoft at its build conference has declared that Apple’s iTunes will be a part of Microsoft Store for Windows 10 by the end of this year. Surprisingly, the Windows users were not gifted with the same at the mentioned time. But, it is official now that the iTunes can now be accessed from Microsoft Store, exclusively for Windows 10 users.

Apple’s iTunes

 All thanks to Petri’s Brad Sams who has made iTunes appear in the Microsoft Store. This iTunes app is exactly the same desktop version that is available online. The app will be updated through the Microsoft store from now.

Who will get benefit from this?

Microsoft office, the world-renowned tech giant is quite interested in bringing the Apple’s iTunes for Windows 10 S users as the access to the Windows store applications is authorized to this version of the operating system only. The company has made Windows 10 S available for students as well as other users looking for an operating system with great security. However, it has made the features restricted to Store applications only.

The company is creating S a special mode that can be discarded without any cost. In addition to the Windows S users, this feature will give immense benefits to the Apple users switching to Windows. They can simply access the iTunes with no extra effort.

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