How to add or remove digital signature in MS Office files?

A digital signature helps in authenticating an electronic document, email, macros, and messages. It vouches for the originality &integrity of the document and ensures that it has been sent by an authorized person only. You can also add a digital signature in your MS Office applications (download available at such as Word and Excel. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open a document or spreadsheet
  2. Now, keep the pointer at the place you want to create a signature line
  3. Go to the Insert tab, open the Text group and then hit the Signature Line list
  4. Now, click Microsoft Office Signature Line
  5. You will see a Signature Setup dialog box
  6. Provide the required information in the right fields
    1. Suggest Signer- Full name of the signer
    2. Suggested Signer’s Title- Provide the signer’s title, if needed
    3. Suggested Signer’s email ID- Enter the email address of the signer, if needed
    4. Instructions to the Signer- Mention instructions to be followed by the signer
  7. Now, choose one or both boxes:
    1. Show signer date in signature line
    2. Allow the signer to add comments in the Sign dialog box

After adding the signature line, here is how you can sign the signature line in MS Word (downloaded and installed through Office Setup) or MS Excel:

  1. Right-click the signature line in your document or spreadsheet
  2. Choose Sign from the Menu
  3. Here you will find three options: one to add the printed signatures, second to add a handwritten signature, and the third to add an image of your signature:
    1. For the former, enter your name in the box available right next to the X
    2. For the second option, hit Select Image and then in the Select Signature Image dialog box, choose the location where the image is stored on your system. Now click Select.
    3. For adding a handwritten signature, sign your name by utilizing the Inking feature
    4. Now, click Sign
    5. You will see the signature button at the bottom of the document or spreadsheet!

How to remove digital signatures?

  1. Open the document or workbook containing the signature
  2. Right-click the signature line
  3. Hit Remove Signature and follow the further instructions to completely remove the same

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