November 30, 2018

How to activate office | office setup activate | activate office

activate office

Activate Office : – Start working on the Microsoft Office productivity suite and create presentations, charts, PDFs, and others using easy-to-use tools. Leverage the features of online Office applications but make sure to activate it using your Office setup product key. Using an activated version of the suite gives you smoother experience while working on it. Whether you use online Office or its desktop version, you will need to activate Microsoft Office as the license expires.

Check whether you need to activate Office Setup

In general, if your Office setup is outdated, you notice an alert message or a highlighted banner when you launch an application. To activate the software, it is mandatory to have a unique Office setup product key whether you use the online version of the productivity suite or desktop version of the same.

To check the status of installed Microsoft Office activate, launch an application, say Microsoft Office Word and if you do not see any alert message or banner on the top of the Window or below the toolbar, click on the file icon and click ‘Word Options’, which will be at the bottom of the pane. On the next section, click resources and click ‘Check for updates’ option to Get updates option. From there, you can check if your Office suite needs to activation or not.

Alternatively, for Office online, log in to and if you do not have a licensed version, you will be asked to enter your Office setup product key in the field. Now to activate the software, first, you will purchase a subscription plan to activate Microsoft Office and then enter the received Office setup product key in the field when asked. To know the complete manual process on how to activate Office, follow the steps below.

How to activate Office setup?

  1. Sign in/ Sign up at
  • If your previous license has expired, renew the subscription so you get an active Office setup product key
  • To renew the subscription, go to Microsoft Office page or and log in using the same credentials
  • Click Office> Product and select a renewal package activate Microsoft Office
  • Complete the billing process and you will receive
  1. Enter your Office setup product key in its respective field and submit
  2. From your profile, you will see an offline Office installer, click on the download button to download Office setup
  3. As the file downloads, double-click on the file and proceed to install Office setup
  4. Execute the on-screen instructions to complete the installation

Once done, restart your computer and launch an application to check if the software is now activated. In case of an error, connect to an expert to get the solution to the issue.

However, if you wish to upgrade with newer Microsoft Office version, uninstall the older version. Next, go to download Office setup, login to your existing account and then install Office setup on your computer.